Sunday, August 9, 2009


tired and boring of andragogy course.. my buddy and i went to town yesterday... to find peace...hahah...not peace but to throw money away...we entered SPEEDY to search for RABUN cd... from Yasmin's hand..was dissapointed from the search... ended up buying a HINDI movie with the above mentioned title.. the film is stared by Dato' Shah Rukh Khan (wonder why i feel the Dato' title has no value anymore). happy with the choice since the plot was interesting.. SRK was playing Surinder Sahin.. a Sikh geek man who falls in love with Tanni..his childhood love.. unfortunately Taanni is going to marry another man but the groom died on their wedding day.. Tanni's father suffered a heart attck after hearing the news and asked her to marry Surinder...Tanni agreed to folow her father's will.

Tanni and Surinder got married, sleeps in different rooms and Tanni made a confession to Suri that her love has died... one day Tanni was walking home to find advertisement on dancing Competition (dancing has always been her hobby) she went back to tell her husband and Suri agreed to allow her to enter the competition. Suri went to see his bestfriend Bobby (hairstylist) and asked Bobby to change his image.. and he became a modern and joyful man.. he went to see Tanni on her audition day and was asked by the organizer to participate.. they were divided into pairs, Suri and Tanni was destined to be dancing partner.. Suri decided to introduce himself as Raj since Tanni cant recognize him..since then the practice together, went out together and fall in love... what will happen to Suri and Raj..and who will be chosen by Tanni... wait for RBDJ part two.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

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yasmin ahmad... in memory..

i was thinking of posting this blog after yasmin's passing about two weeks ago..but doesn't know what to write.. not a friend...wasn't really a fan..but like it or not.... i mean malaysian would agree that she had touched a lot of people's heart through her films and ads... as a muslim... i appreciate what she has done to the film industry and to advertising industry even though sometimes it cane out a little bit opposite from what i believe... semoga diampunkan dan semoga tuhan mencucuri rahmat ke atas rohnya..amin ya rabbal alamin...