Friday, January 14, 2011

A Magnolia Sherbet A Day Quench My Thirst At Work

It's 11 in the morning. I'm at work with tonnes of student's papers, tutorials and quizzes to mark.. Need something to kick start my day, kick start at 11.00 a.m? Never mind, better late than never is it?  

Feeling thirsty..I have my best friend coming up with me to the college's mall...kind off, more or less like 7 eleven only. I went to the ice box and found this..Thank God, I went hunting for these at several hypermarkets yesterday and I couldn't find it.

I manage to buy only  two flavors which are Orange and Mangosteen.. I guess the other two variants (Lychee and Melon) has sold out.

Anyway.. this is me.. trying out both flavours..

First of all the Mangosteen flavour

A spoonful of SHERBET

I told you.. I'm working...Seriously...


 Now I'm working..still... but happier and thirst less..
 Another spoonful... it's finishing... and I'm eating it alone??
 I love the fact that the cup/tub is made from plastic and not from paper   .... The tub is handy and cute and absolutely safe without sharp edges..

Enough with the Mangosteen.. Let's try the Orange Flavour

 My face expression is trying to tell that I like the Mangosteen flavour more..

I getting back to my Mangosteen Flavour... 

I really hate it so much when my ice cream is melting.. Unlike typical ice cream the Magnolia Sherbet doesn't give you the yucky taste when it melts so I can still finish up my Sherbet even though it has melt..


I didn't finish them up friend shares everything together and that includes A Magnolia Sherbet...

Avi enjoying Mangosteen Flavour Sherbet..

A Magnolia Sherbet A Day, Quench My Thirst At Work.. 
now I can enjoy ice cream without having to drink a bottle of plain water to quench my thirst afterwards..

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  1. amboi.. amboi.. sedapnya.
    akak menang tmpt ke2.. thank for the vote!