Saturday, June 13, 2009



just to share the experience of making rubber stamp online... online businesses has been one of the most profitable business nowadays. without notice... i became one of the online customer lately... it started with me being pissed of with the annoying (although i'm also annoying, but i'm the customer) people who doesn't even know to entertain customer...

last month.. i needed to make name tag and rubber stamp.. so i went to search for rubber stamp shop in kuala terengganu.. after going from one shop to one shop (trying to find the best customer service...) ended making the rubber stamp in one shop near dataran shahbandar, hmm less annoying shopkeeper but not really satisfied with the customer service...

i decided to search for online services... and ended at easy dealing and friendly customer service, hassle free and satisfactory product with affordable price... i have made order twice... try it..

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