Friday, August 27, 2010

AP lortodic chest - what's important??


Take note the important things about AP lordotic chest?

What are the possible questions?

  1. Special projection for PTB - pulmonary tuberculosis.
  2. or to see pathology behind clavicles or at the region of apex of the lung.
  3. The differences with AP chest.
  • Positioning wise - pt need to stand about 30 cm away from IR with head and neck against IR (this is vry important to ensure your angulation of chest is correct)
  • CR is still the same @ T7 in some books what clinically it is done after basic projection which is PA chest, so collimation at the apex area is sufficient.

notes from wikiradiography

so, kalau tengok notes kat wiki ni  ada 2 cara nk buat lordotic kan? satu angle bim, satu lagi angle pt. so dua2 cara boleh guna. ikut pt.'s condition la.....

ok..any questions? you're welcome to ask.

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