Thursday, August 26, 2010

critique chest for idiots...


i dh buat entry pasal chest kan? so x adil rasanya x buat entry pasal benda yang i suke iaitu kritik radiograf.. i use the PACEMAN concept adopted from the person who created it... i'm not the one who created the concept i use it because it is helpful..that's it..that's why some of the lecturers doesn't use the concept because it is not the pronciple, it is tools to make it easier for u to remember what has been said and what not.

So for chest.. you have like several projections is it?
 seperti PA, AP, lateral, dorsal decubitus, lateral decubitus... and oblique lah.

Senang je kritik ni sebenarnya... drp PACEMAN tu... ACEMAN tu hampir sama je untuk semua radiographs cuma P yang berbeza... Tetapi dalam exam..bila x boleh jawab P x semestinya kena menangis... go on with the other 6...mungkin anda pass je.... Be genius....

So ..ringkaskan... PA chest, AP chest and lateral decubitus has quite same points.. so conclude it to be one... pendapat I? ingat points yang sama dahulu... sbb kalau u dh ada dalam 2 same points.. why worry about other two? ckp 2 points for positioning... rotate or not and which side is closer to IR..then it shoud be fine... jgn nangis pulak sbb kau ada lg 6 points untuk ACEMAN... reti??? so be genius and smat when u study..

Actually what do I expect from the students... for P (which u worry so much????)

The killing P

- is it true?????
- why it is true (3 points), or why it is not true (3 points) 
which side is closer to IR...

senang kan?????

tu je lah

any questions? i'll continue in next post??? jgn segan kalau nk tanya..malu bertanya sesat jalan

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